The Auto Edge Advantage
Auto Edge is a family owned complete auto service center. We service American and Import cars, trucks, and vans. Suspension, Alignment, Brakes, Tune Ups, Routine Maintenance, and more. Our technicians are ASE certified and have many years of experience. ‎ In addition to keeping many cars on the street we are also a well known performance and race prep shop. Check out our project cars.
  • We service almost every make and model.
  • We service a wide variety of vehicles from purpose built Racecars to American Classics to daily driven Asian cars.

    You can trust Auto Edge to keep anything from your family car to your racecar safe and running strong.

  • SSR
  • Working directly with Edelbrock, Auto Edge developed and installed this custom E-force supercharger. This was no off the shelf kit.
  • Watch us turn this 09 Cayman S PDK into a full PCA Club Race car.
url(/imageupload/image/news/large/DSC06881.JPG) S PDK
  • In house Dyno
url(/imageupload/image/news/large/PfisterGT3Dyno.JPG) the Dyno&Model=
  • 2008 Porsche Cayman 3.4L DFI GTB1 Club Race car.
  • Built for PCA Club Racing GTB1 Class

    From completely stock to full race car built for PCA Class F then to GTB1 Class by Auto Edge

url(/imageupload/image/news/large/RA3.JPG) GTB1
  • Keith Erickson 996TT Race car
  • Custom built "Cup Car style" cage, Installed and installed Carbon Fiber Dash, re-flashed ECU with a custom tune, and much much more built by Auto Edge.

  • IMS
  • Prevent IMS failure
    on your
    996,997,Boxster, or Cayman
    Have the pros at Auto Edge
    replace your IMS rear bearing
    with an updated bearing
    engine replacement is
    your only option.
    Click here for more info
  • Cayman S Turbo track car
  • TPC Racing turbo kit, Bilstein PSS9 coil overs, and adjustable swaybars and more installed by Auto Edge.

url(/imageupload/image/news/large/DSC03225.JPG) S Turbo
  • Cayman S PCA Club Race Car
  • Auto Edge transforms this 2008 Cayman S from completely stock into a full club race car.

url(/imageupload/image/news/large/BLKCaymanSclubracecar1.jpg) S
  • 997 Carrera S X51
  • Fabspeed Exhaust system with matched ECU performance software, Steel Brake Rotor conversion, factory aero kit, and more.

url(/imageupload/image/news/large/DSC03464.JPG) Carrera S
  • 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo
  •  Built for PCA club racing Class F

  • Jon Watson 965
  • Restoration and Performance improvements

url(/imageupload/image/news/large/D031651s.JPG) Turbo