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  • Make: Smart
  • Model: fortwo Turbo
  • Year: 2009
  • Owner: Paul Huddleston
  • Built For: Street
  • Motor: 1.0L I3 SFR Turbo Charged
  • Horse Power: 141hp at the Crack
  • Suspension: KW coil-overs
  • Weight: 1800lbs
  • Details:




    We installed a Speed Force Racing Turbo Kit on this Smart car. It more then doubling the HP at the wheels.

    Update: We installed a boost controller, had the ECU(Engine Control unit) and TCM (Transmission Control Module) re-flashed, and re-tuned the piggy back system this increased the HP to 130 at the Wheels! That’s almost 3x the stock HP. The TCM re-flash is a great improvement to this car the shifts are much faster. All of this made the car even more fun to drive.

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