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  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: Cayman GTB1
  • Year: 2010
  • Owner: Gary Yee
  • Built For: PCA GTB1
  • Motor: 3.4L DFI
  • Suspension: Auto Edge Cayman Full race suspension
  • Brakes: StopTech Cayman Interseries 6 piston fronts Cayman
  • Weight: 2950
  • Details:


    We originally built this car back in 08 as a PCA F class car. Gary the owner decided that he wanted to build it into a GTB1 car (like a Cayman Interseries car with fewer rules).

    Auto Edge took the 2.7L Engine and the 5spd Transmission out and installed a 2010 Cayman S DFI engine and a 6spd Transmission. This was no easy task!!! The entire wiring harness, fuel system, all of the electronics, and much more had to be swapped with the components from the downer car.

    I was a lot of work but it really paid off!

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